Campgrounds Fern Clyffe State Park

Fern Clyffe State Park

Camping enthusiasts rejoice! Fern Clyffe State Park in Goreville, IL is a haven for all types of campers--modern, primitive, youth groups, backpack or equestrian. 

Deer Ridge Campground is a well-shaded Class A facility offering gravel pads with electricity, picnic tables and cooking grills. Drinking water, showers, flush toilets and a sanitary dump station complete the setting for campers who prefer to include a few comforts of home with their outdoor adventure.

Turkey Ridge is for campers who want a serene outdoor experience. It is a Class C walk-in campground that includes camp pads, picnic tables, cooking grills and showers. Drinking water and toilets are located near the parking lots.

Scouts, church groups and other youth groups will enjoy the Youth Group Campground. This Class D facility is equipped with drinking water, picnic tables, cooking grills, toilets and parking. See DNR for rules and regulations.

Backpackers will appreciate the solitude of the individual campsites in the Class C Backpack Campground. Located a half-mile from the Turkey Ridge primitive campground parking lot, these woodland sites have cooking grills, toilets and showers.

Up to 25 riders can be accommodated at the Class C Equestrian Campground, which includes picnic tables, drinking water, cooking grills, toilets, parking and showers. See DNR for rules and regulations.

Sites in the Deer Ridge, Turkey Ridge and Youth Group campgrounds do not require advance reservations. Backpackers and horseback riders should, however, make advance arrangements through the park office. Certain rules and regulations that are not specified here and are in existence, and potential campers should see the Department of Natural Resources for more information before visiting Fern Clyffe State Park. Please be responsible humans and pack out what you pack in!

Fern Clyffe State Park
Rt 37
Goreville, IL

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