Bed & Breakfast Makanda Inn

Makanda Inn

The Makanda Inn truly is eco-friendly lodging at its best, located just down the road from the Historic Makanda Boardwalk, Giant City State Park and Owl Creek Winery. Due to its beautiful architectural design and stunning features, visitors may find it hard to believe that this bed and breakfast is southern Illinois' most energy-efficient retreat of its kind.

The Makanda Inn features four guest rooms, each furnished with a king bed. Other ammenities include: balcony, sitting area, LCD TV and DVD player, Ipod home stereo, toiletries, private bathroom and shower, and free WI-FI.

The Inn was created from the ground up implementing both high and low-tech methods for reducing energy consumption. Some of these features include:
* Strawbale wall construction which provide both energy efficiency and sound insulation.
* Masonry heater that is extremely energy efficient produces little emissions and uses an on-site renewable resource – wood.
* Recycled and re-purposed materials including doors and roofing material.
* High tech heat exchanger/cooling system – Sanyo ECO-i provides multi-zone temperature control system allows each guest to control room temperature
* Solar energy – a 5kw solar array (soon to be installed) will provide much of the power needs for the Inn.

Makanda Inn
855 Old Lower Cobden Road
Makanda, Illinois

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