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A couple enjoy the serene surroundings at Hickory Ridge Winery in Pomona, IL.
A band plays at StarView Vineyards in Cobden, IL.
Owl Creek Vineyard in Cobden, IL is a member of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. The Vineyard dates back to 1981.
A rear view of the tasting room at StarView Vineyards.
Couple enjoying a picnic at StarView Vineyards in Cobden, IL
Blue Sky Vineyards anchors the northeast end of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail in Makanda, IL.
Shawnee Shuttle guests share a craft of Kite Hill Splash at Kite Hill Vineyards in Carbondale, IL.
The Peach Barn Café at Hedman Vineyards is a popular dining option for Shawnee Shuttle guests.
Orlandini Vineyard is a peaceful place along the trail to enjoy award-winning wines.

Whipple Creek Guitars

Whipple Creek Guitars is the home and workshop of custom acoustic guitar maker Terry Whipple, located along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail near Pomona, IL. Whipple Creek Guitars has received national attention as the luthier (maker of stringed instruments) of choice for two-time National Fingerpicking and Flatpicking Guitar contest winner Robert Bowlin. 

As the website states, Whipple Creek Guitars "make[s] custom handcrafted acoustic guitars with attention to projection, clarity, and balanced tone in all ranges, coupled with necks that allow excellent playability facilitating smoothness of runs anywhere on the fretboard. Tops and backs are meticulously voiced to allow them to vibrate and work together in harmony, a box that responds to string vibration in a way as to blend your body, emotions and the guitar as one."

If you are interested in visiting Whipple Creek Guitars, please notify Jillian at Shawnee Shuttle. I will be happy to make arrangements with Whipple Creek Guitars, as the shop is not typically open for drop-ins. However, if arrangements have not been made, drop-ins are forgivable!

Whipple Creek Guitars
57 Jerusalem Hill Road
Pomona, IL

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