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Little Grand Canyon

Little Grand Canyon (LGC) is located along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail in Pomona, IL. Little Grand Canyon is extremely beautiful and considered by many to be one of southern Illinois' best hiking venues. Here are a couple of tips before you go:
1. You will be traveling uphill at a steady incline on the way back to the parking lot. Think about water and possibly stretching those hamstrings before you descend into the canyon. 
2. Use caution. Rocks are slippery when wet (green moss growing on them can be even slicker.) Wear appropriate foot gear and leave the flip-flops at home.
3. Poisonous and non-poisonous snakes live in the canyon during spring and summer months. These snakes are non-aggressive and do not seek to make their presence known. Still, the narrow path at LGC lends itself to opportunities for snake encounters. Snakes are most active in the canyon during the months of April and May.
4. The sun sets earlier in these woods. Make sure you have enough time to hike out of the canyon and back to your vehicle before it is too dangerous to navigate the rough terrain.
5. Count on an obnoxious amount of mosquitoes during late summer months. (Once had to resort to running down the path to escape the swarms.) Think extreme levels of bug spray, hats with nets, or hike another location in July and August.

Length:  2.9  miles

Travel Time: 3 - 4 hours

Difficulty Level:  Moderate to difficult. Portions of the trail require moderate climbing.

Recommended Season:  Spring, summer and fall

Facilities:  Parking, accessible restrooms, picnic area with grills and interpretive signs. Site closed 10:00p.m. - 6:00a.m. (day-use only)

Safety:  Flash floods occur in the canyon, be aware of developing weather conditoins. Extra caution should be used when the trail is near the  bluff at the entrances into the canyon and when the traveling on wet, slippery rocks. Be aware of hunters during huntin seasons. Poison ivy, dead snags and poisonous snakes are present in the canyon.

Trail Markings:  White diamond

Trail Ethics:  Pack in, pack out. Stay on designated trail and leave the beauty of the rocks, plants, and animals for others to enjoy.

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