Pomona Winery

Pomona Winery

At Pomona Winery, George Majka and Jane Payne have derived their award-winning line of seven table wines and three dessert wines from locally grown apples, peaches, blueberries and strawberries. In their over 25 years of wine-making, George and Jayne have received awards on the regional, national and international level, most recently winning the Illinois Governors Cup for their 2009 Strawberry Dessert Wine. Kir, a unique blend of black currents and apples, won this prestigious award in 2008.

Pomona Winery is often designated a favorite stop among Shawnee Shuttle guests due to it's friendly, beautiful atmosphere and remarkable wines. Pomona is located only minutes from Little Grand Canyon, a popular natural area of the Shawnee National Forest.

A wine tasting is free of charge at Pomona, and facilitated by George, Jayne or a knowledgeable staffer. Upon entering the winery you will be welcomed warmly and asked to grab a bar stool. Tastings are fun and educational at Pomona Winery, so grab a pencil and get ready to learn something new.

Pomona Winery ships wines across the country to devoted followers (see your state for shipping regulations), although many more make the annual trek back to Pomona for restocking.

Pomona Winery Selection:

Jonathan - A crisp, tart semi-dry wine made from Jonathan apples. Well-balanced, light-bodied and delicate. Excellent with subtle foods--light cheeses, broiled fish or chicken. Residual sugar: 0.8%

Jonathan Oak Aged Reserve – A personal favorite of Shawnee Shuttle! A semi-dry, complex varietal wine made from Jonathan apples and mellowed with medium toasted French white oak that imparts an oaky bass note. Try this one paired with mushroom dishes or venison. Residual sugar: 0.8 %

Golden - A semi-sweet, medium-bodied wine made from Golden Delicious apples. Straw-colored with good acid balance. A sure fire winner with mildly spicy foods. Residual sugar: 3 %

Golden Oak Aged Reserve - A semi-sweet, varietal wine made from Golden Delicious apples and aged with medium toasted American white oak which gives this wine a rich, creamy, buttery flavor with a hint of vanilla. Excellent with seafood or cream based pasta sauces. Residual sugar: 3 %

Kir (pronounced KEER) – A personal favorite of Shawnee Shuttle! Kir is made from a blend of black currants and apples, and named after a popular French bar drink. The tart, distinctive black currant flavor combined with the sweetness of apples makes this wine a fine companion to salads and sandwiches. Residual sugar: 6%

Orchard Harvest - A sweet, rich, full-bodied wine made from a blend of three varieties of apples. Great with flaming hot spicy foods (BBQ, curries, Cajun) or with a picnic. The apple character is enhanced by the sweetness of this wine. Residual sugar: 5.5 %

Orchard Spice - A sweet, spiced apple wine with a full, zesty flavor and nose. Excellent chilled or warmed for a wintry evening’s enjoyment. A festive holiday wine! Also, great for cooking ham, pork or chicken, or sipping with apple-based desserts. Residual sugar: 5.5 %

Strawberry Dessert Wine - This outrageous dessert wine screams “strawberries!” Great with chocolate or cheesecake. Also makes a great birthday or bachelorette party gift! Recent winner of 2009 Illinois Governor’s Cup Award at the Illinois Wine Competition. Residual sugar: 12 %; Alcohol: 16 %

Blackberry Dessert Wine - This is the most recent addition to Pomona's wine list, added in late 2012. Blackberry Dessert Wine is well-balanced, with equal parts sweet and sour. George commented that this wine stimulates the entire palate.  Alcohol: 18%

Once In A Blue Moon Blueberry Dessert Wine - A sweet, luscious, richly colored port style blueberry wine. A wonderful choice for the end of the day--with dessert or on its own. Also, another great birthday or bachelorette party gift! Residual sugar: 10 %; Alcohol: 18%

Additional Info

  • Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5p.m. Sunday: 12:00p.m. - 5p.m.
  • Phone: 618.893.2623
  • Address: 2865 Hickory Ridge Road Pomona, IL

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    I highly recommend Pomona Winery...very informative and laid back!

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