Other Area Attractions We will comfortably and safely transport your group of six or less adults to the wineries, vineyards, orchards and other unique destinations of Jackson and Union counties. http://shawneeshuttle.com Wed, 24 May 2017 04:02:39 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Arnold's Market http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Arnold-s-Market.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Arnold-s-Market.html

Arnold's Market is a full line grocery dedicated to providing quality meats and specialty items to the community of Carbodale, IL. Since 1972 local residents have flocked to Arnold's Market for the area's finest cuts of meat and signiture bacon wrapped burgers. Many types of deli sandwiches are available for lunch or dinner--look for a large menu located on the back wall. Arnold's market offers locally grown fruits and vegetables seasonally. Keep an eye out for local jams, jellies, sauces, honey, t-shirts and more.

Open daily 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Find Arnold's Market on Facebook!

Arnold's Market
2141 South Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, IL, 62903

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Big Muddy Brewing http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Big-Muddy-Brewing.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Big-Muddy-Brewing.html

Big Muddy Brewing, located in Murphysboro, IL, is southern Illinois' premier microbrewery and producer of original handcrafted beer. Owner Chuck Stuhrenberg is an SIU graduate and experienced homebrewer, whose vision of professional brewing came to fruition in July 2009 with the opening of Big Muddy Brewing.

Big Muddy Brewing's Kinkaid Wheat and Saluki Dunkeldog have enjoyed immense popularity, and can be found in bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout Southern Illinois. Big Muddy Brewing also offers Pale Ale, Big Muddy Monster, Galaxy IPA, Unfiltered Pilsner and 17th Street Amber Ale. Seasonally, Pumpkin Smasher and Vanilla Stout are available.

Big Muddy Brewing typically offers facilty tours and beer tastings on Saturdays. Please contact Big Muddy Brewing for more information regarding brews and tour schedules. As always, Shawnee Shuttle is happy to make arrangements on guests' behalf.

Other Area Attractions Tue, 18 Dec 2012 09:44:00 +0000
Grand River Spirits http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Grand-River-Spirits.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Grand-River-Spirits.html

Grand River Spirits is a locally-owned craft distillery in Southern Illinois. Creating spirits that showcase Southern Illinois' grains and fruits. Grand River Spirits' offerings will include brandy, whiskey, bourbon, rum, seasonal spirits (such as grappa and schnapps), and of course Red Eye Moonshine. Made from Southern Illinois crops, the production of these premium, hand-crafted spirits are made with the best of the Midwest.

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Health Promoting Massage by Cherry & Reflexology by Chuck http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Health-Promoting-Massage-by-Cherry-Reflexology-by-Chuck.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Health-Promoting-Massage-by-Cherry-Reflexology-by-Chuck.html Cheryl "Cherry" Connolly, licensced massage therapist and registered nurse, operates Health Promoting Massage by Cherry in Cobden, IL. Her partner, Chuck Mason, offers Reflexology by Chuck. Health Promoting Massage by Cherry & Reflexology by Chuck service local cabins and bed & breakfasts. Please see Health Promoting Massage by Cherry & Reflexology by Chuck or call 618.559.6302 for more information.
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Leepy's Gourmet Foods http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Leepy-s-Gourmet-Foods.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Leepy-s-Gourmet-Foods.html

Leepy's Gourmet Foods is located next to the Trail of Tears State Forest in Jonesboro, IL. Leepy's Gourmet Foods offers a wide variety of canned products including several varieties of pickles, relishes, salsas, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, applesauce, apple butter, jellies and jams. Leepy's Gourmet Foods can be found in many tasting rooms and retail locations along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, the Carbondale Farmer's Market and various festivals throughout the area.

A visit to Leepy's Gourmet Foods can be arranged by appointment only. Shawnee Shuttle will be happy to make these arrangements on your behalf.

Leepy's Gourmet Foods
170 Leepy Lane
Jonesboro, IL
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Little Egypt Beer http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Little-Egypt-Beer.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Little-Egypt-Beer.html Little Egypt Beer is a craft brewery located behind The Bluffs Winery in Ava, IL. At Little Egypt professional brewer, Ken Rhude, produces handcrafted beers.
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Scratch Brewing http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Scratch-Brewing.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Scratch-Brewing.html

Scratch Beer is located in Ava, IL. Scratch Brewing Company is a farmhouse brewery and restaurant located 5 miles from the beautiful Shawnee National Forest in Ava, Illinois. Started by three award-winning southern Illinois home brewers, Scratch Brewing Company focuses on farmhouse beers and other styles brewed with home grown and locally farmed and foraged ingredients. Beers are brewed in traditional styles and enhanced by the innovative addition of local ingredients, including nettle, elderberry, ginger, dandelion, maple sap, and a variety of wood additions, among others.

Friday: 4 PM - 10 PM
Saturday: 12 PM - 10 PM
Sunday: 12 PM - 8 PM

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The Old Feed Store http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/The-Old-Feed-Store.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/The-Old-Feed-Store.html

The Old Feed Store is a recently renovated events center and concert venue, located in downtown Cobden, IL. The Old Feed Store itself is a historic building, over one-hundred years old. The owners have carefully preserved original elements, while adding comfortable modern conveniences. The Old Feed Store is available for rent, and may be the perfect location for many special occasions.

For more information, including upcoming concerts, events and rental information, please contact The Old Feed Store.

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Tunnel Hill State Trail http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Tunnel-Hill-Bike-Trail.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Tunnel-Hill-Bike-Trail.html

Tunnel Hill StateTrail is a 44.9 mile trail that runs from Karnak to Harrisburg, IL. Tunnel Hill State Trail is open to hikers, joggers and cyclists. The Department of Natural Resources converted this former railroad into a scenic trail for recreational use, completing the project in 2001. The trail can be divided into eight sections. Physically fit bikers can travel the entire length in a day. For more information on the Tunnel Hill State Trail, see the Shawnee Group or Department of Natural Resources.

Tunnel Hill State Trail
South Region
Highway 146 East
P.O. Box 671
Vienna, IL 62995

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Vertical Heartland Climbing School http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Vertical-Heartland-Climbing-School.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/Vertical-Heartland-Climbing-School.html

Vertical Heartland Climbing School is a rock climbing school for novices and experienced enthusiasts, located in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest, with hand-on instruction provided by experienced guides and climbs tailored to suit your needs. Anyone who has harbored an interest in rock climbing or simply enjoys a great adventure should consider a visit to Vertical Heartland in Buncombe, IL. Climbing services are available year round, seven days a week. Personal and group outings are scheduled by reservation. Reservations are preferred at least two weeks in advance.

Vertical Heartland Climbing School
5050 Lick Creek Road
Buncombe, IL

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White Crane Canoe & Pirogue Rentals http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/White-Crane-Canoe-Pirogue-Rentals.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/White-Crane-Canoe-Pirogue-Rentals.html

White Crane Canoe and Pirogue Rentals /Guide Services provides memorable and exciting group outings for vistors seeking a beautiful flat water experience through Illinois' Lower Cache River. The Lower Cache Basin is home to the Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge and the Cache River State Natural Area, known for it's 500 to 1,200 year old cypress & tupelo trees.

Join White Crane Canoe & Pirogue Rentals as they paddle through the ancient waters of this beautiful hidden bayou. Tour groups get an intimate look at the Cache River in cypress pirogues or canoes, and learn about the Cache's history, geology and ecology.

For more information, please call 618-201-4090 or visit White Crane Canoe & Pirogue Rentals.

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You're So Vane Bike and Portage Service http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/You-re-So-Vane-Bike-and-Portage-Service.html http://shawneeshuttle.com/Southern-Illinois-Attractions/Other-Area-Attractions/You-re-So-Vane-Bike-and-Portage-Service.html

Offering 25 3-speed single rider bicycles and one 7-speed tandem bicycle. Also, bike shuttle service to any point along the Tunnel Hill State Trail, and for hikers along the River to River Trail.


You're So Vane Bicycle and Portage Service
112 E. Carline Street
Carrier Mills, IL 62917

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